World-class aquaculture technology and international-standard processing plant

We operate aquaculture under the strict management focusing on food safety, transparency of traceability and retention of freshness. We aim at shipping the best conditioned Hamachi raised in the ideal environment of Kagoshima. Therefore our expert workers process carefully and quickly accordingly to the international-standard processing factory.



Traceability and Quality Control

Our aquaculture practices operate under a management system that implements product and shipping control, evaluation of feeding efficiency (by conducting growth simulation and feed cost) and the management of inventory and cost.  Also, to sustain the natural environment and maintain healthy growth for cultured fish, we formulate a farming scheme for each fishery farm and strictly supervise the proper amount of fishes raised.



Preserving freshness with rapid processing

Our processing plant is in short distance from our harvest spot allowing us to transport our freshly harvested Hamachi into the plant very quickly. Once carried, our skilled workers starts from beheading and eviscerate the Hamachi and immediately followed by the next process of filleting. The whole process from harvest to vacuuming is complete within 2 hours. Thus, we are proud to say that our key to freshness is possible due to our quick processing operation that leads to faster shipping in a short amount of time.



Strict Sanitary and Temperature Control

Our group company follows strict Food Safety Management Procedures, with processing plants that are certified accordingly by the BRC, ASC (CoC), and the SQF based on the company plant. While strictly sustaining a sanitized plant is a must, our specialized staffs also perform inspections for bacteria and quality control.  Temperature control is another aspect we execute thoroughly. After every beheading and evisceration, the products are chilled into the iced water after each processing operation to control product temperature strictly. Thus, we can ship our products in a safe and secure quality without losing its freshness.